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  • #TheSelfie Now Available at SSI Direct

    #TheSelfie is the hottest and most fun way to take a photo!

    This wireless Bluetooth version makes it even more convenient to take selfies or group shots and upload them straight to your favorite social media outlet. The small portable design makes it convenient to carry around, allowing you to capture every memory and moment of your life.

    How to Use:

    • Its simple Install the included battery;
    • Chose whether your phone is Android or Apple iOS (The switch on the top of TheSelfie); Press and Hold the Camera and Play/Pause button simultaneously until the light starts to flash; Next, search for TheSelfie on you Smartphone or Tablet;
    • Connect to TheSelfie;
    • Open up your device's built in camera app and start snapping away. You may then post to Instagram, twitter, Facebook, path, or anywhere else!


    • Bluetooth Wireless Connection
    • Compatible with Android and Apple devices
    • No App Required (Unless your phone model is NOT listed below)
    • Music control; Pause/Play, Next/Previous Track, Volume Control
    • Take Selfies and Group Shots with ease
    • Work With Both Camera and Video Mode
    • Active Range: 0-30 Feet

    See a list of compatible app free devices, if your phone is not listed you will need to download the free App.


  • Need to hide supersecret files on your Galaxy S5? Here's how - CNET

    Need to hide supersecret files on your Galaxy S5? Here's how

    A step-by-step on how to bury pictures, notes, and other files you really, really, really don't want other people to see.

    via Need to hide supersecret files on your Galaxy S5? Here's how - CNET.

  • Surefire Solutions Inc., YOUR Business Solutions Provider - Home

    Surefire Solutions Inc., specializes in SOHO (Small-Office-Home-Office ) solutions and has the expertise and technology to maximize your efficiency, your productivity and most importantly reduce your costs.

    via Surefire Solutions Inc., YOUR Business Solutions Provider - Home.

  • The Impact Of Netflix's Price Rise

    Netflix recently raised the monthly price for its streaming service in the U.S. by $1, and made somewhat similar adjustment to its international streaming plans as well. The increased pricing will apply only to new customers whereas the current subscribers will continue to pay the same price for two years.

    via The Impact Of Netflix's Price Rise.

  • The Best Border Crossing Apps for Canadians Heading South

    With Spring Break already upon us, and summer just around the corner, many Canadians will be heading south of the border by plane or by car. If you’re going by plane there’s not a lot you can do about delays and immigration line-ups, but driving is a different story.

    For starters there are multiple entry points you can use (depending on where in Canada you are), and as we all know some of those crossings can be far busier than others. Long wait times at the US border crossing can be avoided, to a certain extent, by making use of one of the border crossing apps that are now available, plus there are useful apps that can help you with gas prices, exchange rates and so on. We took a look at some of the most useful border crossing apps available today.

    Border Wait

    For a nominal 99 cents Border Wait does what it says: providing wait times for Canadians heading into the US as well as wait times coming into the US from Mexico. It shows the border closest to you, the delay, number of open lanes, and more. Available on Google Play.

    Border Wait

    A step up from Border Wait in terms of complexity is Best Times to Cross the Border. Rather than just giving current wait times this app analyses data for the past three months and provides historical trends that can then be used to figure out the best times of day to use a border crossing. Download for free from iTunes or Google Play.


    Where many of the border crossing apps lack is in only showing entry into the US from Canada and Mexico, not the other way around. BorderCheck answers this call by providing wait times to and from the US so you can switch to Canada bound when heading back home. This app is free on Google Play and for a similar app on iTunes there is a free download of BorderTimes.

    Gas Compare

    Figuring out just how much you’re paying at the pump when you head into the US can be a challenge what with the exchange rate and the difference between litres and gallons. Gas Compare takes away the headache by calculating what it would cost you in Canadian dollars using today’s exchange rate. Download this app for free on Google Play.

    Cross Border Gas Savings Calculator

    Along very similar lines is the Cross Border Gas Savings Calculator, available for 99 cents on iTunes. This app uses the current exchange rate and in addition has a handy log feature so you can keep track of your savings as you’re travelling around.

    Gas Buddy

    And if you’re interested in saving money on gas, Gas Buddy is an essential download that works both in the US and Canada by finding the cheapest gas near you. This is a very helpful app if you’re not familiar with the city or state you’re in as it can save you dollars on purchasing gas every time. Free on both iTunes and Google Play.

    There are many different apps for border crossing times and gas comparisons, with more being added on a regular basis. Do you have a favourite out of those we mentioned above, or can you suggest one that makes your life easier when heading south of the border?


  • Samsung Galaxy S5 OEM Pink Wallet Flip Cover

    Samsung Galaxy S5 OEM Pink Wallet Flip Cover

    The Samsung Galaxy S5 Wallet Flip Cover is designed to provide great protection as well as an attractive look, with a range of attractive colours to choose from. It also includes a handy card slot that you can use to store your credit card on the go. This cover simply replaces your device�s standard battery cover, so your Samsung Galaxy S5 stays slim and lightweight, too.

    Hidden Storage so you're always prepared

    The Wallet Flip Cover has a hidden pocket on the inside of the cover to store a single credit card or travel card. This means you don't need to take a wallet or purse with you on that night out and with the leather-like finish and stitching detail, the Galaxy S5 is all dressed up and ready to impress...just like you.

    Screen Protection

    The Samsung Wallet Flip also provides maximum screen protection for your Samsung Galaxy S5, reducing the possibility of smears and scratches.

    via Samsung Galaxy S5 OEM Pink Wallet Flip Cover.

  • Disable the Face Unlock Feature on your Samsung Galaxy S4

    To disable the face unlock feature on your Samsung Galaxy S4, do the following:

    1. Go to Apps and select it.
    2. Scroll down to Settings and select it.
    3. Select My Device.
    4. Select Lock screen.
    5. Select Screen Lock.
    6. Enter PIN.
    7. Select Continue.
    8. Select None.
    9. Screen Lock has been disabled.

    For the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories, please visit our store at

  • Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation


    Three things you need to know about Anti-Spam Legislation Canada:

    Imagine the scene:

    It’s been a long day at the office, and you just want to pack up and go home. Before you get up to leave, you decide to open an official looking letter from the Federal government. It’s a notice of infraction from the government. Your company is accused of sending spam emails and infringing new anti-spam legislation. The fine is significant. This is serious. Welcome to the new world of anti-spam legislation Canada.

    This fictional scenario might seem farfetched, but it is not. As of July 1, 2014, a comprehensive and potentially punitive regime comes into force with new anti-spam legislation in Canada.

    The following are three important things that you need to know in order to avoid such a dreaded scenario.

    1. The new “opt-in” clause: Your first priority is to add an “opt-in” clause to your outgoing marketing emails. The anti-spam legislation Canada has added this requirement for outgoing emails. In the past marketers could rely on the “unsubscribe” button. This is no longer sufficient. Canadian law requires that your mailing list ask for the emails by opting in. Anti-spam legislation Canada introduces the need for the new “opt-in” clause, one that prohibits the sending of any business

    via Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation | Outhouse IT.

  • BlackBerry OEM Bluetooth Music Gateway

    BlackBerry OEM Bluetooth Music Gateway

    BlackBerry OEM Bluetooth Music Gateway

    Experience your music, your way. Wirelessly play the music on your BlackBerry smartphone, BlackBerry Playbook tablet or computer through your home stereo or car stereo using the BlackBerry Music Gateway. Just plug the BlackBerry Music Gateway into your stereo system, pair using Bluetooth connectivity or simply tap your NFC enabled smartphone, and fill any room with your music.

    1, 2 Its really that simple. You've got full control over playback, change tracks, volume, and play or pause because your BlackBerry smartphone or tablet is your remote control.

    Availability: In stock


    via BlackBerry OEM Bluetooth Music Gateway.

  • SSI Direct - About Us

    About SSI Direct is an online Canadian Portal of Surefire Solutions Inc. We are a retailer of cellphone, smartphone, wireless accessories and technology products based in Toronto, Ontario. carries everything you need for wireless communications and IT Hardware from the names you know and have grown to trust.

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